Why forging descaling machine?
Mar 15 , 2024

Forging is a metal forming process that manufactures various parts. It usually requires the use of many different tools and forging equipment. But during hot forging production, a thick layer of forge scale will be generated so our forging descaling machine is required so as to remove forgings surface scale.

forging descaling machine

During hot steel forging process, the metal material is heated to a high temperature so the forge scale is easily formed on its surface. If these scale is not removed in time, they will have a negative impact on the quality of the final product and even affect its service life.

For this reason, the forging descaling machine has been widely used in hot forging production lines which mainly adopts high-pressure water toclean forge scale generatedon the surface of forgings so as to help achieve excellent forgings surface quality.Forging descaling machine is usually suggested to be used after induction heating process so that forge scale will not be pressed into forgings inside and the forging surface pits can be reduced. On the other hand, it is also environmental protection to forging shop since it only uses pure water.

We manufacture different types of forging descaling machines with different parameters to meet different forging sizes.Up to now, Forging descaling machines have been commonly used in the metal forging industry such as automotive parts, forging gears, hand tools, high strength fasteners, aerospace, constructions to ensure product quality and performance.

When it comes to forging descaling machine, here are some benefits of this descaling equipment.

▶Effectively improve forging surface quality

▶Prolong forging die service life

▶Save forging raw material

▶Reduce shot blasting and machining time

We have been very professional and focused on forging descaling machine for more than 9 years to provide our customers best using condition. We also have built more than 3,000 descaling cases both in China and abroad countries such as Turkey, German, India, Indonesia,etc. If you are facing oxide scale problems and searching for forge scale removal methods,why not come to us for descaling solutions? We are able to customize descaling solutions according to your technical details.

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