What is Forging Descaling Machine Used In Closed Die Forging
Jan 17 , 2024

What is Forging Descaling Machine? Today I am writing to introduce our new advances product, the Forging Descaling Machine, and to explore potential development in forging industry.

The Forging Descaling Machine is a highly efficient equipment designed to remove scale from hot forged metal components such as automotive parts, hand tools, high strength bolts and nuts, riggings and other precision forgings with higher surface quality requirements. This Forging Descaling Machine is specifically engineered to improve the surface quality of forgings, enhance productivity, and reduce labor-intensive manual descaling processes. This Descaling Machine typically utilizes high-pressure water jets to clean forge scales generated mainly by induction heating machine from various shaped forgings so that the scale will not be pressed into forgings, ensuring a clean and smooth surface finish. This not only enhances the appearance of the forgings but also improves their overall mechanical properties, such as strength and corrosion resistance.

The benefits of our Forging Descaling Machine are numerous. Firstly, it significantly reduces production time and costs by eliminating the need for manual descaling. Secondly, it facilitates the production of high-quality forgings with consistent surface finish, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, the machine's automated operation ensures operator safety, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. Furthermore, our Forging Descaling Machine can be customized to meet specific technical requirements and can be seamlessly integrated into existing forging production lines. We guarantee reliable performance, easy maintenance, and excellent after-sales support for our customers.

However, many customers are worrying about the temperature loss after descaling process. Our Forging Descaling Machines have been tested more than 3,000 times from various hot forging enterprises and the temperature loss is also tested out about 30 Celsius only on forgings surface. So it will not affect the following forging process.

On the other hand, you don't have to worry about the after sales services after buying our Forging Descaling Machine. Usually, we would would suggest customers to bring a set of spare parts so as to replace the wearing parts after using some time. If you are facing some other problems,  we will also support online solutions for you. Our Forging Descaling Machines have been exported to Turkey, Europe, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and other countries with CE standard and all with great feedback.

If you are interested in our Forging Descaling Machine welcome to contact our team for more details and we are also looking for agent globally for machine promotion. More descaling solutions and working performance you can also refer to our website for more:

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