Descaling machine application for hot forging hand tools
Dec 22 , 2023

Do you know what isforging descaling machine and its function? How descaling machine works for forging parts? What is the results after usingforging descaling machine? Today I will show you our new designed forging descaling machine which has been popularly used in automatic hot forging lines and mainly explain its using conditions in hot forged hand tools field.china forging descaling machine application case

As hand tools manufacturer all know,due to its high thickness and high strength requirements, many hand tools are produced byhotforging process, such as wrench etc. Hot forged hand tools are heated byinduction heating furnace from round bar, and thenin the forging process offorging hammerand forgingpress. Most of our forging customers choose to put thisdescaling machine right after induction furnace for round bar descaling for a better surface cleaning effect.steel round bar descaling effect

Ourforging descaling machine has been very famous and popular amongChinese hot forgingmanufacturer and most of them also have added a forging descaling machine to the forging line.Forging descaling machine uses the principle of high pressure water to clean scales after induction heating process so the scales will not be pressed into forging parts inside in the process of forging hydraulic press. So ourforging descaling machine could greatly improve forged hand toolsqualityas well as receive the satisfactionfromcustomers.

We have been specialized inforging descaling machine R&D and production for 8 years in China with more than 3,000sets selling volumes with great feedback. Westarted to promote our forging descaling machineto foreign forging markets since last year and hoping to bring this forging descaling machine technology to more and more forging enterprises all over the world.after descaling steel round bar for hot forging process

I believe forging friends will benefit a lot from ourforging descaling machine.

We are also looking for agencies for ourforging descaling machine promotion through all over the world and welcome to contact our descaling team for more details if you are interested.

For moreforging descaling machinedetails welcome to refer to our website:

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